Wordpress workshop

Do you want to learn how to create simple web page without programming? Or maybe upgrading your existing website to be more eye-catching and more effective than others?

WordPress is a most popular platform with own simplicity, but it remains a big plus if WP skill is provided on your CV! 

What we will learn?
– How to install wordpress;
– How to manage the wordpress website;
– Design: Choose and we will find out what should be a representative and selling page.

You will know:
– How to increase website security;
– How to increase the loading speed of the web page;
– Marketing tools that will help you to compete with other websites and discover your weaknesses;
– WordPresss customization for website design.

🎙 Workshop will be performed by Evaldas Žygimantas Ostr, in English.

* Evaldas Žygimantas Ostr has more than 4 years experience in local and international freelance projects with web development.
Education: Klaipėda University. Bachelor of Computer Science.