Workshop: JavaScript

Hi ladies! Use possibility to learn how to code with Riga TechGirls!

At this workshop you will learn:
– What is JavaScript and why it’s important
– Useful JavaScript language basics
— Variables
— Basic variable operations
— Conditionals
— Functions
— Loops
– Programming in the browser
– Accessing webpage through code
– A bit of HTML and CSS
– Hack something interesting together

We will poke the website with the code and see what happens! 🙂
Will change some content on the page and add some interactivity.

No experience required, but knowing a bit of HTML, CSS will help.

💻 Workshop will be held in English and led by front end developer Viesturs Teivāns.

* Riga Coding School ( ) is a programming school in Riga. It is offering six week courses to learn most commonly used programming languages in Latvia’s labor market – designed specifically for beginners. Starting with C#, continuing with Java and finishing with solid front and back end for Web. After graduating RCS are providing internships in local IT companies, in order to implement gained knowledge and progress to a full-paid employment. RCS is also offering advanced level courses with a smaller time frame, day and evening groups.