36 HOURS | 999 EUR

Who is this course for?

React, a JavaScript library created by Facebook, has surged in popularity as a top choice for building dynamic and interactive web user interfaces (UIs). If you are a Junior Web Developer looking to upskill in a cutting edge framework, this is the course for you!

During the course you will:

  • Components: The fundamental building blocks of React applications. You’ll learn how to create modular, reusable pieces of UI.
  • JSX: A syntax extension to JavaScript that allows you to write HTML-like structures within your JavaScript code, making UI definition more intuitive.
  • Props: The mechanism for passing data from parent components to child components, ensuring information flow across your application.
  • State: How to manage dynamic data within a component that triggers re-renders when it changes, making your UI interactive.
  • Events and Event Handling: How to interact with user actions (clicks, form submissions, etc.) and update your UI accordingly.
  • Lists and Keys: Rendering dynamic lists of elements in an efficient way.
  • Styling: Approaches to styling React components, which might involve inline styles, regular CSS, or dedicated CSS-in-JS libraries.
  • Forms: Building controlled forms to manage user input.

What will you be able to do after the course?

  • You will be able to use the REACT programming framework in practice.


Tuvākie kursi

May 27

Intensity: 36  hours (in real-time with a lecturer)
Duration: 4 weeks – 12 sessions
Time: 3 hour session from 18:30 to 21:30 – 3 times per week
Price: €999

Discount system: 

  • -10% Applicable if you are learning with your friend;
  • -15% Applicable to Riga Coding School graduates for all trainings;
  • -10% Applicable if you pay the full amount at once.

Flexible payment options:

  • Pay all at once and get 10% discount;
  • Pay in instalments with a first booking fee of 200 EUR.

Module 1

  • Introduction to React: Creating your first React component

Module 2

  • JSX: Combining JavaScript and HTML

Module 3:

  • Components:The building blocks of REACT Apps

Module 4:

  • State and Props: Handling Data

Module 5

  • React Events and User Input

Module 6

  • Lifecycle Methods

Module 7

  • Project: Building a Small React Application


  • Learn online

    Learn from any city, online
  • Repeat the course

    Opportunity to return and repeat course FREE OF CHARGE within a year
  • Lecture recording

    You can get lecture recordings if you miss a lecture or want to repeat it
  • International certificate

    After your graduation, you will receive an international graduation certificate.
  • Attend workshops and seminars

    We organize additional seminars with professionals and cooperation partners


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PRICE 690 €

Paying the full amount

You can pay the full amount straight away before training and get a -10% discount.


Paid in instalments

The booking fee of EUR 200 and the remaining amount broken down by the end of the course.



-10 %


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Applicable to all school graduates for all training

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Applicable if you are learning with your friend

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